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Texas families deserve effective and accountable schools that prepare students to enter the world equipped to succeed. Texans for Excellence in Education helps local school districts craft policies that provide solutions to some of the top issues facing public education today.


Transparency & Ethics

Parents and taxpayers deserve to have visibility into the performance of public schools, and that we’re able to create a culture of accountability in the education of our children.

Classical SEL

Schools should provide a wide range of instructional resources that are consistent with the educational goals of the state and district without infusing politics and personal opinion  into the classroom.

Our Mission

Texans for Excellence in Education (TEE) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization committed to delivering all children in Texas a high-quality education focused on the core competencies of math, science, reading, and writing. TEE seeks to implement and provide guidance to the current ISD policy frameworks to aid Texas independent school districts, their boards, administrators, and teachers in achieving these critical objectives. We believe parents should be principally involved in the education and instruction of their children. Our Texas public schools continue to fail our children, and they simply deserve better.

Our Mission

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