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Texans for Excellence in Education (TEE) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization committed to delivering all children in Texas a high-quality education focused on the core competencies of math, science, reading, and writing. TEE seeks to implement and provide guidance to the current ISD policy frameworks to aid Texas independent school districts, their boards, administrators, and teachers in achieving these critical objectives. We believe parents should be principally involved in the education and instruction of their children. Our Texas public schools continue to fail our children, and they simply deserve better.


Texas families deserve effective and accountable public schools that prepare students to enter the world equipped to succeed. Texans for Excellence in Education helps local school districts implement policies that provide solutions to some of the top issues facing public education today.


We make off-the-shelf policies available on our website to help address these issues. However, it’s not enough to simply elect new members to ISD boards, or propose ideas at board meetings. Policies must be integrated into the unique and complex policy framework that governs each individual ISD.


Texans for Excellence in Education specializes in policy integration – and we’ll do it for you! You can browse and see the policies we support. But just asking a school board to pass these policies is insufficient and ineffective. These policies must ultimately be transformed into resolutions that are crafted to specifically be threaded into the ISD’s existing policy framework.


Asking the ISD’s counsel to do this is insufficient and ineffective as they are often given guidance from the administration that they serve to water down these specific policies as they are integrated into the specific policy framework for that ISD. They are not to be trusted. TEE has begun to do the hard work to convert these policies into the specific resolutions that each ISD in the state of Texas must have in order to have these policies integrated into their existing policy framework.


Contact us today, and we’ll help navigate these complexities and we’ll draft all required policy documents for your district.

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